TOPS-2 Test of Problem Solving 2: Adolescent

Linda Bowers, MA, SLP, Rosemary Huisingh, MA, SLP, and Carolyn LoGiudice, MA, CCC-SLP

Purpose: Assesses critical thinking based on students’ language strategies using logic and experiences
Format: Paper and pencil
Time: 40 minutes

Qualification level: B

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Use the TOPS-2: Adolescent to determine how to help teens with language impairments related to the process of thinking, for whom making good decisions and solving problems appropriatelymay be difficult tasks.

  • Focuses on the following cognitive processes: understanding/comprehension, analysis, interpretation, self-regulation, evaluation, explanation, inference, insight, decision making, intent/purpose, problem solving, and acknowledgment.
  • Uses a natural context of problem-solving situations related to adolescent experiences: Making Inferences, Determining Solutions, Problem Solving, Interpreting Perspectives, and Transferring Insights.
  • Test items presented verbally with the printed stimulus from the Reading Passages Book visible to students.
  • The Examiner’s Manual contains a Discussion of Performance section, which merges test results with remediation strategies.
  • Item pool (N = 526) and standardization (N = 1,051) studies represent the U.S. Census for race, gender, age, and educational placement. An additional 138 individuals with language disorders were included in the validity studies.

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10851-KT TOPS-2: Adolescent Test Kit includes TOPS-2: Adolescent Examiner's Manual, Reading Passages Book, and 20 Test Forms, 10852-RF TOPS-2: Adolescent Test Forms (pkg/20)