GSRT Gray Silent Reading Tests

J. Lee Wiederholt, EdD, and Ginger Blalock, PhD

Purpose: Assesses silent reading comprehension
Format: Paper and pencil
Age range: 7 years to 25 years
Time: 15-20 minutes

Qualification level: B

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The GSRT helps you quickly and efficiently measure an individual’s silent reading comprehension ability.

Consists of two parallel forms, each containing 13 developmentally sequenced reading passages with five multiple-choice questions. Each form yields raw scores, grade equivalents, age equivalents, percentiles, and a Silent Reading Quotient.

Normed on 1,400 individuals in 31 states.

Sources of cultural, racial, and gender bias have been eliminated.

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4714-KT GSRT Kit includes GSRT Manual, 25 Profile/Response Forms, and 10 Form A and 10 Form B Reading Books–, 4715-TM GSRT Manual, 4716-PF GSRT Profile/Response Forms (pkg/25), 4717-AB GSRT Reading Books–Form A (pkg/10), 4718-AB GSRT Reading Books–Form B (pkg/10)