DTVP-3 Development Test of Visual Perception–Third Edition

Donald D. Hammill, EdD, Nils A. Pearson, PhD, and Judith K. Voress, PhD

Purpose: Allows you to document the presence and degree of visual perception and visual–motor difficulties
Format: Paper and pencil
Age range: 4 years to 12 years, 11 months
Time: 30 minutes

Qualification level: B

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The most recent revision of Marianne Frostig’s popular Developmental Test of Visual Perception, the DTVP-3 offers a useful measure of visual perception and visual-motor integration skills in children.

Features and benefits

  • This latest edition boasts an expanded examination of item bias, updated design, new normative data, extended norms, and numerous eligibility and validity studies (including studies of the test’s sensitivity, specificity, and ROC/AUC).
  • Composed of five subtests: Eye-Hand Coordination, Copying, Figure-Ground, Visual Closure, and Form Constancy.
  • Results of five subtests are combined to form three composite scores: Motor-Reduced Visual Perception, Visual-Motor Integration, and General Visual Perception, the latter of which is a combination of motor-reduced and motor-enhanced studies.
  • Scores are reliable at the .80 level or above for all subtests and .90 or above for the composites for all age groups, scores are validated by many studies, norms are based on a large (N = 1,035) sample, and it is unbiased relative to race, gender, and handedness.

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10856-KT DTVP-3 Complete Kit includes DTVP-3 Examiner's Manual, Picture Book, 25 Response Booklets, 25 Examiner Record Booklets, and a Copying Scoring Template, 10857-TM DTVP-3 Examiner's Manual, 10858-RF DTVP-3 Examiner Record Books (pkg/25), 10859-RF DTVP-3 Response Booklets (pkg/25)