DAB 4 Diagnostic Achievement Battery–Fourth Edition

Phyllis L. Newcomer, PhD

Purpose: Assesses a child’s strengths and weaknesses across several areas of achievement
Format: Paper and pencil
Age range: 6 years to 14 years
Time: 60-90 minutes

Qualification level: B

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The DAB 4 features eight subtests that identify students’ strengths and weaknesses across important areas of school achievement.

Features and benefits

  • Can be used to identify students who are significantly below their peers in basic academic skills, determine students’ particular kinds of component strengths and weaknesses, document students’ progress in specific areas as a consequence of special intervention programs, and conduct research studies of academic achievement.
  • New normative data were collected from 2011 to 2013. The demographically representative normative sample was stratified by age relative to the region, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic factors, and other critical variables.
  • Features fewer subtests than the previous version, reducing your administration time and providing more useful, accurate results. Standard scores, percentile ranks, and age/grade equivalents are provided.
  • Test items were subjected to differential item analyses to find and eliminate potentially biased items.
  • Subtests include Listening Comprehension, Synonyms, Alphabet/Phonics/Word Identification, Reading Comprehension, Punctuation/Capitalization, Spelling, Mathematics Reasoning, and Mathematics Calculation.
  • Five composite scores are provided: Spoken Language, Reading, Writing, Mathematics, and Total Basic Academic Skills.

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