CTMT Comprehensive Trail-Making Test

Cecil R. Reynolds, PhD

Purpose: Evaluates brain injury and other forms of central nervous system compromise
Format: Paper and pencil
Age range: 8 years to 74 years
Time: 5-12 minutes

Qualification level: C

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The CTMT is a standardized set of five visual search and sequencing tasks. Attention, concentration, resistance to distraction, and cognitive flexibility (or set-shifting) heavily influence performance on these tasks.

Features and benefits

  • The CTMT can be used to detect frontal lobe deficits; problems with psychomotor speed, visual search and sequencing, and attention; and impairments in set-shifting.
  • The respondent connects a series of stimuli in a specified order as quickly as possible. The score is the number of seconds used to complete each trail; a composite score is obtained by pooling the T scores from the individual trails.
  • Relative to traditional trail-making tasks, the CTMT emphasizes the frontal lobe components of the task by introducing inhibition on several trails and adding a new set-shifting task.

Technical information

  • The CTMT was standardized on a nationwide sample of 1,664 persons whose demographic characteristics matched to U.S. Census statistics. Norms were extended downward to age 8 years.
  • Reliability of scores for each individual trail is high, and the composite score has a reliability coefficient of .90 or higher at all ages.
  • The manual includes a description of administration and scoring procedures, a discussion of the test’s theoretical and research-based foundation, and extensive reliability and validity data.

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5007-KT CTMT Introductory Kit includes CTMT Examiner's Manual, 10 Record Booklets, and a Storage Box, 5008-TM CTMT Examiner's Manual, 5009-RF CTMT Record Booklets (pkg/10)