CPPS NU Children’s Psychological Processes Scale Normative Update

Milton J. Dehn, EdD

Purpose: Identifies psychological processing deficits in children referred for an SLD evaluation
Format: Online
Age range: 5 years to 18 years
Time: 15 minutes

Qualification level: B

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The CPPS NU is designed to identify psychological processing deficits in children referred for a specific learning disability (SLD) evaluation. An entirely online assessment, the CPPS NU is also suitable for screening and progress monitoring.

Features and benefits

  • CPPS NU subscales include Attention, Auditory Processing, Executive Functions, Fine Motor, Fluid Reasoning, Long-Term Recall, Oral Language, Phonological Processing, Processing Speed, Visual-Spatial Processing, and Working Memory. It also provides a General Processing Ability composite score.
  • Online scoring and reports are free with the purchase of online rating forms. The reports include a brief narrative, a graph of confidence interval bands, a score summary table that includes change-sensitive W scores, and a discrepancy table for determining individual strengths and weaknesses. An optional T score to standard score conversion table allows you to compare CPPS NU scores with those obtained from achievement and cognitive measures.
  • The process is simple—after purchase, the CPPS NU system sends an e-mail to the teacher whose ratings you wish to obtain. You’ll be notified by e-mail when those ratings have been completed, after which you’ll be able to get scores and generate reports. Alternately, you can print the online rating form and provide it manually to the teacher if he or she cannot access your CPPS NU account. Reports can be downloaded to your computer for easy editing and are also saved in your CPPS NU account.

Technical information

  • Normed on a sample of 1,321 children rated by 310 teachers from 150 communities in 31 states. The sample’s demographics closely match those of the U.S. population.
  • For the five normative age groups, the internal consistency reliability coefficients of the subscales range from .81 to .98, with the majority in the mid-90s.
  • Validity support comes from high correlations with measures of processing skills, cognitive skills, and achievement and from factor analytic and developmental evidence. In particular, CPPS NU Attention, Executive Functions, and Working Memory subscales have a significant correlation with every BRIEF score. Other CPPS NU scales correlate with BRIEF metacognitive scales.
  • Compared to matched controls, subjects with LD had significantly higher means on all subscales. In addition, the CPPS has high classification accuracy in regard to LD.

Note. Initial purchase of the CPPS NU and activation of a CPPS NU online account requires registration by a qualified clinician. Because all correspondence regarding account set-up and report activity will be sent to the qualified clinician, we require his or her e-mail address and phone number at the time of purchase. If you plan to order this product by fax or mail, please provide this information when you order.

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