ADI-R Autism Diagnostic Interview, Revised

Michael Rutter, MD, FRS, Ann LeCouteur, MBBS, and Catherine Lord, PhD

Purpose: Assesses for autism or other autism spectrum disorders
Format: Paper and pencil, Software
Age range: 3 years to 43 years
Time: 1.5-2.5 hours, including scoring

Qualification level: B

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The ADI-R is a comprehensive interview tool that provides a thorough assessment of children and adults who are suspected of having autism or other autism spectrum disorders.

Features and benefits

  • Has proven highly useful for formal diagnosis as well as for treatment and educational planning.
  • Composed of 93 items, the ADI-R focuses on three functional domains: Language/Communication; Reciprocal Social Interactions; and Restricted, Repetitive, and Stereotyped Behaviors and Interests.
  • The Comprehensive Algorithm Form allows you to calculate and interpret any one of five age-specific ADI-R algorithms.
  • The ADI-R Scoring Program provides unlimited-use scoring.
  • The ADI-R Training Package (for use in the United States and Canado only) enables you to learn accurate coding procedures, see sample parent interviews, and get detailed information on each of the domains assessed.

Additional information


Kits, Manuals, books, and equipment, Forms and booklets


6240-KT ADI-R Introductory Kit includes ADI-R Manual, 10 Interview Booklets, and 10 Comprehensive Algorithm Forms, 6244-KT ADI-R Training Package–DVD includes training DVDs, Guidebook, Interview Booklets, and Comprehensive Algorithm Forms, 6241-TM ADI-R Manual, 6242-TB ADI-R Interview Booklets (pkg/5), 6243-RF ADI-R Comprehensive Algorithm Forms (pkg/10)