AAB™ Academic Achievement Battery™ Screening Form

Melissa A. Messer, MHS

Purpose: Assesses four areas of achievement including a measure of writing
Format: Paper and pencil, Online scoring via PARiConnect
Age range: 4 years to 85 years
Time: 15-30 minutes

Qualification level: B

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The AAB Screening Form measures basic academic skills, including letter and word reading, spelling, and mathematical calculation. It features reliable change scores adjusted for practice effects, an analysis of discrepancies with various measures of IQ, an optional writing subtest, and covers a broad age range.

Features and benefits

  • Developed using academic standards set by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the National Council of Teachers of English, Common Core, and Reading First.
  • Administration and scoring are straightforward and easy—and both versions have a Fast Guide to help you get started.
  • Unlike similar measures, the AAB requires no certification or intensive preparation—simply open your AAB kit and review the materials, and you will be ready to begin assessment.
  • Provides age- and grade-based (Fall and Spring) norms.
  • Scoring is available through PARiConnect; stimuli are available digitally.

Screening Form

  • Can be administered in 15-30 minutes and scored in 5-10 minutes.
  • All four subtests are included in one easy-to-use response form.
  • Measures basic academic skills, including letter and word reading, spelling, and mathematical calculation.
  • An optional written composition component requires an extra 15 minutes to administer.
  • A composite score provides the user with a snapshot of the individual’s performance in reading, spelling, writing, and math.
  • Appropriate for evaluating fundamental academic skills during an initial evaluation, during reevaluation, or when working with those referred for learning, behavior, or vocational concerns.

Technical information

  • Reliability coefficients for the subtests range from .77 to .97 and from .88 to .98 for the composite scores across the age- and grade-based normative samples.
  • AAB subtest and composite scores were found to be highly correlated with similar constructs on the WJ® III, KTEA™ -II, WRAT4, and WIAT® -III.
  • The manual includes evidence supporting the ability of the AAB to differentiate performance in individuals with various learning disabilities, intellectual developmental disorder, ADHD, and speech/language impairment.

Digital materials are available!

The Letter/Word Reading Card is available for download through PARiConnect to your desktop, laptop, or tablet, making assessment even more convenient. A PARiConnect account is not required for download. The e-manual also includes a digital version of the Fast Guide.

A link to download the Letter/Word Reading Card will be e-mailed to you. Digital stimuli require a display screen size of 7.75″ (19.7 cm) x 5.25″ (13.3 cm) and 1 MB of hard drive space.

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10709-KT AAB Screening Form Print Kit – includes AAB Screening Form Professional Manual with Fast Guide, 25 Screening Form Item Booklets, 25 Screening Form Response Booklets, and a Stimulus Card — Plus, this kit includes a certificate for 5 FREE AAB Screening Form Score Reports on PARiConnect!, 10718-TC AAB Stimulus Card, 10724-TM AAB Screening Form Professional Manual includes Fast Guide, 10729-EK AAB Screening Form e-Manual (includes Fast Guide e-Manual), 10730-DS AAB Digital Stimulus Card – Digital stimulus materials are limited to a single user and device. A link to download stimulus materials will be e-mailed to you., 10725-TB AAB Screening Form Item Booklets (pkg/25), 10726-RF AAB Screening Form Response Booklets (pkg/25)